This week I “celebrated” my 25th birthday. And by celebrate I mean try to avoid it like the plague. I don’t want to be 25! Although I in no way wanted a big birthday celebration, I did feel like I should do something that would be different from a normal day, and an activity for myself since it was also father’s day. So of course I went to have my favourite breakfast – a McDonalds Egg McMuffin… and Starbucks also gives you any drink of your choice on your birthday if you have a Starbucks card – so I got my obsession: Green Tea + Lemonade. I then proceeded to try to find some presents that I could get using some birthday money. Considering no actual moment memorialized my 25th birthday, I decided a blog post of (slightly meaningless) objects I received and bought for myself would be fun to look back on. Take a look for yourself!


Chapters/Indigo Bookstore

Jack Kerouac’s On The Road – 20 $CAN
A book I consider I should have read a million times by now, considering my accumulation of travel experiences across the world. I have such high hopes for this book – hoping not to be disappointed!



 – Clarifying Toner – 22 $CAN
I’ve been using Murad’s Clarifying Cleanser since January in a desperate attempt to fix the horrible acne outburst that I’ve been suffering from the past few years. The cleanser has been working really good since I heard about it from Grav3yardgirl. Since I’ve actually never tried to routinely use a toner, I decided today was the day. Let’s hope for the best!

Tarte –  Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in “Captivating” – 34 $CAN
I’ve been thinking of acquiring a Tarte Amazonian Clay blush for a looooooong time, but obviously the price put me off. It was hard to decide to spend that much, but hey, birthday money! The colour is a warm peach, which I think is perfect for my freckles and brown hair combination. It is amazingly smooth, like silk, plus seems to stay on forever!



Karma Komba Solid Shampoo Bar – Gift, 11,95 $CAN
Lush’s perfume-saturated world has usually had no attractive value for me whatsoever. Yet, still interested in the company and it’s values, I recently discovered the patchouli-scented Karma soap (and all products of Karma scent) that is amazing! This solid shampoo bar is made of that same scent. You only need to pass it through your wet hair 2-3 times (any more than that gives you a foam overload!) and it seems to be working pretty good for my hair (long, thin but a lot of it). This item would be at its best use in travel – can be taken as a carry on since it’s not a liquid – weighs almost nothing – gives you months of shampooed hair with one bar! Nevertheless, I don’t think anyone should be wasting their money on the tin case that Lush sells with its shampoo bars arguing that one needs to keep the bar dry. In what world is putting something wet in a sealed container gonna help?! It’s overpriced and is gonna make using the bar hard since it barely fits in it.

Sultana of Soap – Gift, 6,40 $CAN for 100g
Creamy, doesn’t have a strong smell. A fresh spicy/fruity smell if that exists.


Beach Towel – 20 $CAN
Spur of the moment – A necessity, considering you don’t often think of getting one and always end up looking for a non-ugly one at Target the day before a trip. This one stands out but isn’t over the top, and a great price.


Chapters/Indigo Bookstore

George Orwell’s 1984  and Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights
Continuing with the theme of English language classics that I’ve known about forever but have never actually read. Plus buying “classics” at the bookstore is to much cheaper than newly published ones!

Plus a small I Can & I Will (7 $CAN) writing pad that is the perfect size for lists.



Combined Cupro T-Shirt – 16 $CAN on Sale
Perfect length – not a crop top but doesn’t hide your short shorts during summer, plus suuuper soft sleeves

Khaki Suede Handbag – Gift from my dad, now 60 $CAN on Sale
Amazing bag. Sadly more fragile than I thought. Only one pocket inside, but fits perfectly on shoulder due to large strap.


Chapters/Indigo Bookstore

SonyMDR E15LPB Earbuds – 18 $CAN
I always get these. So much better than the horrible Apple ones, good price since I keep losing them. They’re always available in bookstores, airports, electronic stores. Great base and they fit perfectly so that you don’t feel like everyone around you in the metro is hearing your songs!

Adopted – iPhone 5/5S Cases – 2 for 15 $CAN
Needed a new case, and the price of these is perfect – with an extra one in just in case.


Finally, a gift from my dad:
A notebook made from a recycled old book cover . From Venice, California.


Thanks Dwight. I share your enthusiasm.

Nikon P7800


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